Forgot all about this

Like it says.



I’ll get back on it.


Today I did more blues walking in C minor.


Also it came to light in my lesson last night that I have collapsing finger syndrome so I need to look at that with some technique building. Then onto scale walking.


Speak soon







Thursday practice


Practice for today goes a little like this

Bass (6 string)


Blues in G minor. walking bass (1353)

Walking blues in F

Cycles in 12 keys at 140 bpm on A string all over fretboard

random modes in C all strings (gonna have to go between modes and pentatonics each day)

Repertoire. In the hall of the mountain king. and learning sonata in Bb minor

and some general messing about with the looper. Gotta find more stuff to add to the repertoire


By for now




Wednesday 8/3/17



Managed almost 2 hours with the bass this morning.


Bass  (6 string)


Walking bass over C minor blues (1353)

Cycles in 12 keys

Random Modes in C (all strings starting C to B)

Repertoire (in the hall of the mountain king melody)

A bit of messing with the loop pedal




Tuesday 7/3/17


It’s Tuesday. Didn’t really play much over the weekend. I did have a gig with the covers band a a local(ish) pub on Friday night which was cool (and financially welcome 😉 ). And I had a Sunday rehearsal. So between getting home and dumping my gear after the gig and rehearsing on Sunday I really couldn’t be bothered to set up all the gear just to take it apart again so, instead of practicing bass I wrote music. Which was good. I’ll maybe post tracks at a later date.




Monday 6/3/17

Bass (6 string)

Yardstick of rhythm and groove


Tuesday 7/3/17


Got a good hour and half or so in in the bass this morning. It was a good time indeed

Bass (6 string)

A bit of messing on the loop pedal with a groove (until Arthur started attacking my feet)

Yardstick of rhythm and groove

Walking over a C blues and G minor blues

cycles in 12 keys

random Modes in C on B string

Some classical melodies and started learning In the hall of the mountain king.







Thursday 2/3/17



It’s a new month. I didn’t practice yesterday but I did have the day off from work so I spent that day re-cabling my (basic) studio together. Then I had my piano class then I rushed home for my bass lesson with AW. It was a good lesson as well. It seems we have moved on from the 2 years of modes and pentatonic lessons (I take 1 lesson a month or so due to the expense. Last night was lesson #17) which is great. Last nights lesson was syncopation and groove using AW’s yardstick of time and offsetting 3’s against 4’s over a set of 5 3’s (if that makes sense).


Anyway. Onto today’s practice

Thursday 2/3/17 (6 string bass)

Yardstick of time and groove

Walking bass over F, C & Gminor blues (151b & 151a)

maj, min & dom cycles over 12 keys A string

Modes in C randoms over B, E & A string

and that’s it





Tuesday 28th Feb 2017


Practice schedule as follows.

The weekend I spend welded to the sofa. I did a little bit of playing on the six string looping  a 12 bar blues in F, looping a walking bassline and then playing and looping chords over the top. I even went as far as attempting to solo (good grief) over the loops. That needs waaaaaay more practice. And in different keys.


It also appears I have to practice bass with a cat in my lap as well :/



Monday 27/2/17

Bass (6 string)

Walking lines over blues in F, C and G minor

maj, min & dom cycles in 12 keys D & C string above 12th fret

modes in E



Tues 28/2/17

Bass (6 string)

Walking lines over blues in F, C and G minor (focusing on combining 151a + 151b)

maj, min & dom cycles in 12 keys D and C string above 12th fret

a quick looped 12 bar blues in F, bassline and chords

a listen and rough play through Kim Wilds Kids in America for the covers band

Friday 24/02/17


Today’s practice. Again. I could barely get out of bed. I possibly need to look at that. If any of you good folk have any suggestions for being tired 24 hrs a day let me know.


Bass practice (6 string)

maj, min and dom scales and chords, 12 keys D string above the 12th fret

modes in B (asc one mode and desc the next mode in 3rds)

Pentatonics in B (asc and desc in 3s)


Walking bass, blues in C


That’s it 😦


At least Arthur no longer jumps on the laptop every 2 mins