Thursday practice


Practice for today goes a little like this

Bass (6 string)


Blues in G minor. walking bass (1353)

Walking blues in F

Cycles in 12 keys at 140 bpm on A string all over fretboard

random modes in C all strings (gonna have to go between modes and pentatonics each day)

Repertoire. In the hall of the mountain king. and learning sonata in Bb minor

and some general messing about with the looper. Gotta find more stuff to add to the repertoire


By for now





14&15/2/17 practice




14th Feb practice


7th Chords all inversions

2 – 5 – 1 in C major until Arthur turned into Sun Ra and stopped me practicing


Bass (6 string)

Maj, min & dom scales and arp in 12 keys up the dusty end on D & C string

Modes and Pentatonics in F

Blues in F walking

Blues in C walking

Blues in Gminor walking



15th Feb practice


Bass (6 string)


Blues in F walking

Blues in C walking

Blues in Gminor walking

Maj, min & dom scales and arp in 12 keys up the dusty end on D & C string

Modes and Pentatonics in Bb


Blues in Gminor walking





Two practices in one week.


Also I got a mister spray for Arthur so I can squirt him when he decides to jump on the laptop.

He pretty much stopped jumping on all the stuff and biting all my cables (especially the guitar and headphone cables when I’m using them)




Thursday 19/1/17



Piano practice

2 octave scales in C and F major

Harmonize F major scale triads in root, 1st and 2nd inversion

Harmonize F major scale 7th chords in root, 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversions

Harmonize C & F major using root 3rd and 7th over 2 hands

F blues


Double Bass


Long open notes

F major scale

F etudes Simandl


F Blues walking bass



That’s all folks

Monday 16th Jan 2017



Yesterday I played some piano and double bass. I didn’t practice electric bass as I had two back to back rehearsals/jams with two different bands. One on the four string and one on the six string. I also put my shoulder out after the second rehearsal at about 10pm last night. Probably from having a bass round my neck for almost 6 hours.



Today’s practice

Piano practice (7.30am)

2 octave F major scale

Harmonizing F major scale with triads in root, 1st and 2nd inversion (chords and arpegios)

Harmonizing F major scale with 7th chords in root, 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversion (need to do more of this as the scale is new)

Bb blues (Kenny’ll make it from Jamey Abersold’s blues in all keys). Roots and 7th chords. Need to play this over and over and over and over and over again

Total time 30 mins


Bass practice (six string)

Walking bass — F blues, C blues My Funny Valentine  15 mins

5 min break

Maj, min, dom scales and arpeggios B string 154 bpm

5 min break

Walking Bass — My Funny Valentine, Blue Moon.

Total time  55 mins

Today I threw the cat out of the room when I practiced and let him in during my breaks. This was great. I actually practices instead of getting my hands and legs shredded and him sitting on the laptop and making it go nuts.


Smiley faced emoji




Friday 13th Jan 2017


Practice notes for today are as follows.


C Major scale over 2 octaves.

Triad chords and arpeggios in root, 1st and 2nd inversions, harmonized in C major

7th chords and arpeggios in root, 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversions, harmonized in C major

‘essence’ of chords (root in bass, 3rd and 7th)

chords over a chord progression in inversions.


Bass Practice (double bass)

5 mins bowing open strings (whole, half, quarter & 8th notes)

5 mins F major scale

5 min F major etude (Simandl)

10 mins Walking bass in F blues


Bass practice (6 string)

walking bass in F blues

I’m not really covering much ground at the moment on the electric bass

Every time I try practice the electric bass the cat comes and sits on my laptop and messes with my bass and cables so it’s really putting me off my practice. I think I need to start kicking him out of my practice room



That’s another day done. I’ll probably post more of my other practices on here as I’m sure it will make me into a more rounded musician.



Happy New Year (3 days late)

Happy New Year.

I didn’t practice on New Years Day as I had a gig with my covers band in a different town and I didn’t get in until 3.30 am (after unloading), so New Years day was effectively my New Years Eve. I got drunk with the Arthur the cat (he didn’t drink, although he had a good go at trying to drink my beer).


Anyway. Back to it.

I bought a big yearly wall planner so I can do the Jerry Seinfeld chain thing. Just to see if it works.

I started on the 2nd Jan.

2/1/17 Bass practice (6 string bass)

15 mins major, minor, dom scales and arpeggios  on D & C string.

Walking basslines on F blues (1351 – 1353)

I also did some keyboard stuff. I may post about that on here as I’m trying to learn to play jazz piano and I’m taking weekly beginner classes at a local music college. Classes start tomorrow (4/1/17)

3/1/17 bass practice (6 string bass)

Walking bass on F blues (135a – 1353) on B and E string.

Random Modes in key of A major

Random Pentatonics in Key of A major.



The cat is a pain in the backside when trying to practice. I can’t wait till he grows a little and calms the hell down.


So far I have 2 big black crosses on my calendar. Yeah!
I’ll probably start posting pictures of it when it (hopefully)  gets bigger.


Cheers for popping by


See you tomorrow