Thursday practice


Practice for today goes a little like this

Bass (6 string)


Blues in G minor. walking bass (1353)

Walking blues in F

Cycles in 12 keys at 140 bpm on A string all over fretboard

random modes in C all strings (gonna have to go between modes and pentatonics each day)

Repertoire. In the hall of the mountain king. and learning sonata in Bb minor

and some general messing about with the looper. Gotta find more stuff to add to the repertoire


By for now





arrrgh practice practice practice


It feels like it’s been weeks since I have posted here. And weeks since I practiced.

I have practiced a little but not really much. I made a new change and have now made my bedroom a kitten free zone. I made this decision two nights ago and it has been the best thing ever. I have slept soooo damn hard over the last two nights. No kitten attacking my face with full claws at 3am. No kitten licking my nose and biting my toes at 5am. No itchy eyes. No listening to Arthur scurry around the bed at  4am chasing ghosts (or more likely stalking the crap out of me).



This blog should hopefully resume as normal(ish)




Wednesday 18/1/17



Today’s practice was as follows


2 octave C major scale

2 octave F major scale

Harmonized F major scale triads and arpeggios — roots, 1st and 2nd inversion

Harmonized F major scale 7th Chords and arpeggios — roots, 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversions

F blues from Jamey Abersold blues in 12 keys



Bass (6 string)

Walking bass random modules F blues, C blues and My Funny Valentine

maj, minor & dom scales and arpeggios in 12 keys 155 bpm