Thursday 2/3/17



It’s a new month. I didn’t practice yesterday but I did have the day off from work so I spent that day re-cabling my (basic) studio together. Then I had my piano class then I rushed home for my bass lesson with AW. It was a good lesson as well. It seems we have moved on from the 2 years of modes and pentatonic lessons (I take 1 lesson a month or so due to the expense. Last night was lesson #17) which is great. Last nights lesson was syncopation and groove using AW’s yardstick of time and offsetting 3’s against 4’s over a set of 5 3’s (if that makes sense).


Anyway. Onto today’s practice

Thursday 2/3/17 (6 string bass)

Yardstick of time and groove

Walking bass over F, C & Gminor blues (151b & 151a)

maj, min & dom cycles over 12 keys A string

Modes in C randoms over B, E & A string

and that’s it






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