Thursday 23/2/17 practice



No practice yesterday as I couldn’t force myself out of bed.

As for today I got in a good hour or so on the bass


Bass (6 string)

Walking bass over Blues in F, C and G minor

Maj, min and dom scales and arpeggios in 12 keys (above the 12th fret) on the A string

Modes in F# (ascending and descending scales in 3rds)

Walking over G minor blues — stuck on the 1353 module over half minor7 flat 5 chords

Major triad practice in 12 keys (3 permutations in root, first and second inversion)

a little bit of walking over F blues played/recorded into a looper


That’s it.


Gonna try for some practice tonight as well, but I won’t hold myself to it as I’m pretty tired atm



Cheers for reading




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