Thursday 5th Jan 2017



Here you go

Bass Practice (6 string bass)


15 mins Maj, min & dom scales and arpeggios in 12 keys 141 bpm

5 min rest

15 mins random modes on all 6 strings Ab major

5 min break

15 mins random pentatonics on 6 strings and Texas on B, E & A strings Ab major

10 min break

15 min walking bass F blues (135a-135b) + (135b- 135a) with variations on the last four bars

5 min break

Repertoire (classical bass, currently slowly making my way through this book by Mike Cornelison)

Started on hall of the mountain king


Total time around 1hr 40ish mins





Oh and the cat made a huge pounce onto my thigh with his claws out. OOOOWWWWWWWW!
Damn Arthur


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