Happy New Year (3 days late)

Happy New Year.

I didn’t practice on New Years Day as I had a gig with my covers band in a different town and I didn’t get in until 3.30 am (after unloading), so New Years day was effectively my New Years Eve. I got drunk with the Arthur the cat (he didn’t drink, although he had a good go at trying to drink my beer).


Anyway. Back to it.

I bought a big yearly wall planner so I can do the Jerry Seinfeld chain thing. Just to see if it works.

I started on the 2nd Jan.

2/1/17 Bass practice (6 string bass)

15 mins major, minor, dom scales and arpeggios  on D & C string.

Walking basslines on F blues (1351 – 1353)

I also did some keyboard stuff. I may post about that on here as I’m trying to learn to play jazz piano and I’m taking weekly beginner classes at a local music college. Classes start tomorrow (4/1/17)

3/1/17 bass practice (6 string bass)

Walking bass on F blues (135a – 1353) on B and E string.

Random Modes in key of A major

Random Pentatonics in Key of A major.



The cat is a pain in the backside when trying to practice. I can’t wait till he grows a little and calms the hell down.


So far I have 2 big black crosses on my calendar. Yeah!
I’ll probably start posting pictures of it when it (hopefully)  gets bigger.


Cheers for popping by


See you tomorrow




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