2 years away



I totally stuck to this. It’s been two years and I only remembered this because I opened up my wordpress.

I think I’ll take it easy and attempt to just (at first) use this blog to write down my (if possible) daily practice routine and what I did. Maybe I’ll try and post other stuff as well (gigs/recordings/band stuff etc.).


Also. I just got a kitten. His name as Arthur Baker (after the 80’s electro/early hip hop producer). I forgot how demanding kittens are so whilst I’ve been practicing he’s either chewing at my audio cables, climbing up the table to where my laptop is or attacking my feet. This makes concentrating pretty tough, but If I can concentrate through this in practice any gigs should be a total doddle 😉 Also now because of him I realise that my usual 2hr early morning practice block (7am-9am) is kinda out of the window. I now have to become a master at practicing in the cracks of time, at least until he’s a little older.


Anyway. Here goes.

Friday 30th December  2016. 8.45am

Major, Minor and Dominant scales and arpeggios in 12 keys

Walking bass through a Blues in F (1353)

Total time 15 mins



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