Hello (bass playing) world

Hello there.

This is a blog about myself as a beginner bass player.

Today is a new day. It’s the first day of 2015 and I though I should start a blog to document my progress as a beginner bass player.

To be honest, I’m not actually a beginner at all. I’ve been playing since 2010 (I originally started playing when I was 18 in 199something but sacked it off again to take up the more meaningful pursuit of drinking and chasing women). I started playing bass again after an almost 15 year hiatus due to starting a music degree at a local university. I actually did a degree in fine arts and music but was more interested in experimental composition but they offered us free music lessons in our first year of study. Obviously I picked the bass and piano. The bass stuck. So not really knowing what I was doing and taking a few lessons i didn’t really have time for (or make time to practice for) I hopped off on my merry way with a garbage 15 year old £100 unplayed encore bass that had followed me around since I bought it.

Throughout my university career I faked my way through a few uni bands with some root note warrior stuff, never really getting past that point. I completed uni 2 years ago but carried on playing, buying lots of study, groove, instructional books, trying out different methods and never really sticking to any one thing. A case of the information junkie blues. In the modern web world we are shown so much information that it’s hard to actually stick to one thing before jumping off to the next, without fully learning what we wanted to learn in the first place. It turns out I’m as much of a culprit of this as the next person.

Now having said that the next bit of irony isn’t lost on me. Whilst surfing the web for bass related stuff I came along a really nice little seminar/workshop/masterclass by German bassist Kai  Eckhardt. It really struck a chord ( boom tsk) with me as I was doing this on a daily basis.  I tried this method on an exercise for a week or two and my word, it worked. I looked more into this guy and came across his website  (I had already heard about him cos I had already bought his TrueFire bass lessons but not actually got past the first lesson before moving on to something else. *facepalm central*). I saw he had some kind of mentorship program and that seemed to be the thing I was looking for (I’m the kind of person who needs to go somewhere to do something), so I signed up. I’m not going to go into the full nuts and bolts of the program it as I would be taking away from this teachers ability to earn with other prospective students so I’ll try keep that side to a minimum.  Anyway. I’ve been on the program now for around 20 days and I think I may be making progress. This blog will document my progress as a bass player/musician who plays bass/performing musician.

Hopefully I can stick to it as I’m attempting to stick to this program.

I’m already playing and gigging in a couple or 4 bands, playing electric and upright bass and I will try to document my ongoings with playing, rehearsing and gigging with these bands/ensembles. These comprise of
1 originals band playing repetitive German rock music (gigging)
1 covers band playing songs from the 60’s to current day hits (gigging)
1 adult learners/improvers big band (very occasional gigging)
1 jazz quartet (not gigging)

But as for new years day i’m gonna drink all the booze there is in the house to try and get rid then I can start the *new year* fresh and try give that up (but that’s for a different blog 😉 )

This blog may occasionally turn into a a rant about working and attempting to scratch together a living playing music as this is my part time job (i have a full time job in retail :/ ) and turn it into more of a full time job.

Happy new year readers/bass players/lovers/


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